‘Prick up your ears and I’ll tell you how many benefits I bestow on both men and gods, how widely my sacred powers extend.’
Folly speaking In Praise of Folly (1509), Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam

A Hackney Motley refers to Erasmus’ In praise of Folly as a loose structure to present an afternoon of events in Dalston Square to open our Hackney Archive Residency.

Saturday 12th July 1 – 4 pm Dalston Square

Organised by Sara Nunes Fernandes with performances by Ravioli Me Away, Colin Min Sai, Joseph Lewis and his hurdy gurdies, a 9 year old jester called Joe, John Summers & Edgar Alan Poe & Joe on the drums, shape singing with Tom Woolner, banners by Sara Nunes Fernandes and Dan Pasteiner, an information station by Rupert Ackroyd and a “folly hat” available to all.