Oak Tree, Eclipse and George installation image
Palette Cleanser and set for Interlude installation image

12 – 10 pm Sun 27 May 2012

V22 Biscuit Factory, F Block, 100 Clements Rd, London, SE16 4DG.

Hypno Project, 2009 Doug Fishbone
Man 10, 2012, Tom Price
N(I)B, 2011, Mark Titchner
Man 11, 2012, Tom Price
Frog, 2011, Florian Roithmayr
Man 12, 2012, Tom Price
Man, hill, sky, seven days, seven nights, 2010, Mark Titchner
Jour Mal Jour Nal Launch: 0: scape with a screening of Lover’s Rock Remix, 2012, Joseph Walsh

Understudies (for a fairy circle), 2012 Owen Bullett
Palette Cleanser, 2012 Jess Flood-Paddock
Field Recordings, Kyoto, 2012 Matt Golden and Natsue Ikeda
George, 2012 Alistair McClymont
Eclipse, 2012 Alistair McClymont
Oak Tree, 2012 Alistair McClymont
Refract, 2009 Caroline Rolf
Report from the Anti-world, 2006 Daniel Pasteiner

re Site (after R.M.), 2012, Martina Schmuecker and Robert Luzar
ex, 2012, Katrina Palmer
Interlude, 2012, Tom Woolner