Spaceship Earth, Dafna Talmor at Beaconsfield

As part of Beaconsfield’s Testbed 1 commissions 2010 Dafna Talmor created Spaceship Earth. The piece had two main parts the first a swapshop of items and skills open to the general public and the second the building of an eco structure for the yard at Beaconsfield. This structure will remain and was made on a zero budget of found materials. A half hour film of the build ran in the cafe during the Testbed 1 show.
Art House Foundation took 5 children over to Spaceship Earth to start planting the living roof in collaboration with the artist. The children planted the work ‘green’ in seeds.

This piece was shown by Dafna Talmor in the Beaconsfield Testbed 1 show from Sept 18 2010 and will remain as a permanent feature in the yard.