As If installation image
As If installation image
As If installation image

28 October – 3 Dec 2011

For Art House Foundation’s first commission at Laburnum St, Graham Gussin continues his exploration of film and its relation to reality, using Wim Wenders’ 1982 film The State Of Things.

In the sepia-tinted opening sequence of The State of Things, we see a small band of travelers dressed in futuristic garb move across a threatening and deserted landscape. They reach a coastline and the camera pans out in black and white to reveal that we have been watching a film in the process of being made.

The science fiction film within the film is a remake of Roger Corman’s classic The Day The World Ended, which is being shot with a small group of actors and crew near Sintra, Portugal. After the transition back to the reality of their location and time we learn that the production has been put on hold due to lack of funds. The actors are left in the derelict resort while the director leaves to find the missing producer.

Gussin returned to the hotel depicted in the film, photographing the present location as if it still existed within the science fiction narrative. A reconstructed black and white backdrop used in the film as a prop reappears here in the space of exhibition as both a screen and sculpture. Images taken on location are shown existing on either side of the original moment of cinematic disruption.

Supported by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts
Supported by the Film and Video Umbrella