15 – 29 November 2012

Some people have expressed surprise to discover that the works I choose to live with in my home are devoid of images. Others see it as perfectly logical that I should seek a respite from images in my domestic space. Whilst accepting that there may be something in this, it does not completely accord with my experience of them. They are the opposite of restful stilling experiences. I sense the presence of each as reverberations. They are restless combinations of irreconcilable spaces. I find them unsettling presences (or absences). Perhaps it was a sense that there was no getting used to them that made it necessary for me to incorporate them into my everyday space. Maurice Blanchot described the image as ‘essential ambiguity’ and in a sense these seemingly imageless works bring one to a spatial embodiment of this ambiguity. So rather than being a respite from the image, I would suggest that these works take you to the heart of what the image represents – as a cut within the space of the commonplace world.

This exhibition presents a group of artists whose works have become watchful presences in my life and work, ever-present reminders of what is at stake subjectively in the presence of an image in the everyday world.

John Stezaker 2012