2008 – 2013

In addition to Tom Morton’s practice as a curator and critic, his activities are increasingly slanting towards the production of works of fiction, often in collaboration with artists. To date, these have included installation and film works made with the artists Saâdine Afif and Victor Man, and text works made with Man, Roger Hiorns, and Alexander Tovborg.

Tom’s residency at Art House Foundation is focused on the production of a long form work of prose fiction, provisionally entitled Doggerland, that focuses on contemporary Britain, pedagogy, and the mythology of the ‘wild boy’.

As part of the 6 Chairs project the first two chapters of Doggerland were read and discussed with Caroline Rolf and Keith Wilson. An excerpt was then included in the 6 Chairs publication. A free printed transcript of the two chapters was included as a work in a group exhibition at the Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, also featuring works by Matthew Darbyshire, Cullinan Richards and Bridget Smith.

During his time as Writer in Residence Tom contributed his time and skills generously to all the projects AHF worked on.